The Association Papas Antiguas de Canarias

Since its foundation, they didn't stop working for the recognition of this crop, deserving all the compliments. A product declared of real canaryness. Unique in the Spain and Europe , because of its exceptional characteristics, its economic, landscape and environmental importance. Therefore they merit the support of all of us for his conservation, improve and an adequate commercialization, avoiding thus its deterioration and disappearance of our fields.

This association's latter work , without spared effort for the CoO's come out, was carried out with the IIIth Technical and Gastronomic Conferences of the Ancient Canarian Potatoes. The gaol was to speed up a process that should have been finished since long. At the same time it is attempted to recover the crop rotation (isolated at some midland zones), sanitation of varieties and interchanges among farmers.

The association has acted with a true altruism , because they think than the true main character of all this is the potato. All those farmers and, most of all, farmers that have preserved her during so much time must be included.

Who they are

The ancient potatos of Canary Islands, brought in the XVI century through the islanders returning from America , are one of the bigger niceties of our traditional gastronomy.

These jewels of our agriculture have been preserved, during all these centuries to our days, thanks to the effort and endurance of our peasants. Grown and pampered, like a great legacy, generation upon generation.

To this goal, in 1999 the Association for Ancient Canarian Potatoes is set up in Tenerife , coming into question, as one of its principal objectives, getting the Certification of Origin.

Based on previously exposed arguments and once having got the CoO, it will be the first of its kind in Europe .

What they do

With the collaboration of the Council for Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food of the Canary Island Government, Tenerife Island Council and the other Island Councils, the association, did since its foundation the necessary works to get that certification. This includes scientific studies, documentation and activities to communicate this gastronomic patrimony, because already it is part of our Canarian identity.

From its start, this project has had the collaboration of the University of La Laguna , the Institute for Agrarian Research of the Government of Canary Islands, Cultesa, Wine House ‘ La Baranda ', the Farmer Cooperative ‘Las Medianía de San Juan de la Rambla ', Agricultural Extension Agencies of different Island Councils, gastronomists, Association Alhóndiga in Tacoronte, town councils, restaurants, media, etc. And, most of all, with the essential and inestimable help of the farmers of all our islands.


In addition to liabilities like control (management committee) of the CoO, we make tastings, courses, conferences, and mojo contests. We Also would like to work in projects like photograph expositions and whatever related to the ancient potato.

To know, protect and preserve our ancient potatoes, is anotherof the association's main goals. We make whatever possible to create The House of Potatos , a space where we can find cultivation fields of different varieties, guided tours through our midlands, sale, promotion and tasting. This would include other traditional crops. All this with the aim of increasing knowledge of all the characteristics of this so important and deeply-rooted crop of our land.