For the potato tasting, in view of the lack of information, we had been recreating the potatoe's typical adjectives in conditions for a quality consumption and own exquisiteness. Our experience enriched as tastings were done, so it won't take a long time to make tasting courses and possible lectures about this new world of tastes and aromas.

Firstly, similar to the wine tasting, comes the origin control. The forms to be filled out are sample reception and sample record. The latter contains various sections: isle, zone, municipality, harvest date, irrigated or dryland, fertilization, treatments, organic or conventional agriculture, any other detail to have recorded, storage, soil, crop's height over the sea level, meteorology (rain, insulation, humidity, wind, ...),.

We also considerimportant the characteristics of the tuber. These vary enormously its size, shape, colour, conservation characteristics, etc. It is very important to keep the cooking conditions (salt amount, etc.), for the wrinkled potatoes, so they become a standart in each tasting.

The tasting committee will be made up of experienced persons, selected and named by the executive committee. The taster should have taste-training, knowledge about ancient and common potatoes, as some notions about the crop.

The tasting will follow record cards, adjusted to the needs to be complied by the product to be tasted. This card shows the most important sections able to get the product's characteristics: sensorial analysis.

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