"...Cada vez es más frecuente que se hable de la cocina canaria en el exterior, siendo síntoma de que nuestra oferta gastronómica ha experimentado un salto cualitativo importante en los últimos años. Las papas para la denominación de origen, las papas antiguas de canarias, disfrutan de una excelente calidad y una exquisitez inigualable, propias de un auténtico lujo culinario…"


In Canarian Gastronomy the potato has been considered as an indispensable food for the excellence of its qualities and its taste. But all over for being a traditional crop in the midlands, giving also a characteristic landscape enrichment. At the same time it becomes a unforgettable and beloved companion of vineyards, like they have lived together during several centuries not only as crops but as gastronomic accompaniment.

The various varieties that are developed in distinct districts of the islands result in different types of potato in its texture, size, colour and taste.

There are nearly 30 potatoes varieties, some of the subspecies andígena and some of the subspecies tuberosum . But without a doubt the ones vastly characterized for its taste and exquisiteness are the andígenas , for which the so longed for Certification of Origin of the Canarian Ancient Potatoes is undertaken.

Our potatoes present the possibility to be employed in multiple culinary preparations, from modest family Gastronomy and traditional kitchens to big maestri's more fully developed gourmet recipes.

All through the year we are disclosing different home recipes and gourmet recipes. There will also be wine recommendations and advices, etc. We rely on recipes of friends of the traditional kitchen, and on a particular gastronomic enrichment through recipes of our mate Dolores. She will join and guide us through this site of the Gastronomy of the Ancient Canarian Potatoes .

There are many recipes where potatoes are the protagonist, storage, conservation and reuse tricks, Spanish omelette recipes, salads, grubs, starters, main dishes desserts and even aperitifs. Also all the recipes we can use, including cook friends with their recipes, elderly people known by all and which's name is added to the recipes. We also recover recipes from housewifes, our mothers and aunts: potatoes, sweet potatoes and ‘mojos'.

Desserts :

• Black-potato or sweet potato cakes with almonds
• Vilana Cake
• Red-potato pudding

Dishes where the potato is the main ingredient :

• Wrinkled potatoes
• Composed little potatoes
• Stuffed potatoes
• Potatoes with swine ribs and maize
• Potato and egg broth
• Potatoes with meat
• Composed potatoes with wine
• Composed potatoes with almonds
• Potatoes stuffed with ham
• Black widows potatoes
• Baked potatoes with sausages
• Black or sweet potatos, in ‘montaditos' with ‘escaldón'
• Potato croquettes
• Potato and bologna little mouthfuls
• Mouthfuls with potato, fish and spinach
• stuffed potatoes with cinnamon and cookie
• Spanish omelette with spinach
• Spanish omelette with ‘mojo picón'

Dishes with potato in it:

• Canarian pottage
• Canarian ranch
• Canarian cooking pot
• ‘Ropa vieja'
• Ground beef with covered potatoes
• Russian hodgepodge
• Accompaniment of different dishes, so representative of our kitchen as Rabbit in ‘salmorejo', different fishes (vieja, salty fish, …)

Accompaniments: (traditional broths, sauces, seasonings and other ones)

• Little broths
• Cheese mojo
• Green mojo, with parsley
• Green coriander mojo
• Mojo picón
• Red mojo (with saffron)
• Cheese mojo with tomatoes
• Boiled coriander mojo
• Palmero mojo
And a long etc.