Informative or research reports

From this website we want to give all information ever possible about the potato, meaning research reports or other documentation. We also offer you the opportunity to enrich this site, because each task is everyone's profit. Contact info is shown on the main page.

  1. Control of the moth in the warehouse. Since some years ago, the potato moth or “potato bug” is affecting the potato crops in the north of the island, without any effective solution to its control. This insect can attack the potato during the crop as in store, once harvested. [+ Information pdf] . Eugenia Trujillo García / AGROCABILDO. 2006.
  2. Natural repellents for the Guatemala moth. We attach the report, send by Angel and Gerardo Almenara, where they comment by tests and opinions results in the fight against the moth, with extracts of aromatic plants and garlic [+information pdf]. Gerardo Almenara and Angel Almenara members of Assosiaion for The Ancient Canarian Potatoes. 2006.
  3. The potatos in the beginning of the 21st century. During The Week of the III Technical and Gastronómicas working days of the Canarian Ancient potatos, celebrated in the municipal district of El Sauzal, Tenerife island, with a notable success of attendance and participation. The aim of this event was to reaffirm the important historic, economic, scenic and gastronomic value of this tuber in the past [+information pdf]. Wladimiro Rguez. Environment and Landscape Councillor of Tenerife's Insular Town Council.

  4. Standards of Production of Organic Agriculture. Objective of ecological agriculture is to produce foodstuff not only of lofty nutritious quality, but also in enough quantity +información pdf . Document elaborated and developed by the Government of Canary Islands (Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería Pesca y Alimentación).

  5. Investigation of the Effects of Pesticides on Potato Cultivators in Ecuador. The potato farmers at Carchi's province apply pesticides about seven times during the crop season) +information Web. Kirsteen MacLeod, writer settled in Toronto. 2001